Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Dose of My Own Medicine

Good day Family!  Last time we talked about how pruning leads to blooming.  Wellllll, since then I've undergone a major pruning campaign in my project.  There were people I had to separate myself from and other...what's the word....BS...that's it...other BS I had to free myself of because not only was it dragging the integrity of my project down, it was also dragging me down as a person.  Funny thing is, when I did let go of all that stuff, it seemed as if a supernatural power swept through and allowed the treasure box of my life to fly open with all sorts of blessings.  I've heard many wise individuals say before that God will release blessings into your life once you make the decision to let go of the things that are clearly not working in your best interest.  However, never in my life had I experienced such an occurrence, be it in my own life or seeing it through someone else's.  All I got to say is that the wise elders were RIGHT!  Although the original path of this musical journey has dramatically changed, it has changed for the better.  I'm moving forward like how I never imagined I could.  Talking about getting a dose of my own medicine!

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