Sunday, November 18, 2012


Wheeew!  As some of you have seen already, I've undergone a total appearance makeover.  Why?  Well, our outer presentation tells us a lot about what we're going through on the inside.  As for me, before the haircut, I may have looked okay at first blush.  But if you looked closer you would have seen that most of the strands of my beloved afro were brittle and broken and I looked worn out and battle-weary all over the face.  Truthfully speaking, I managed to hide how effed up I really was.  There was a time period very recently where my life was nothing less than hellish.  My armor seemed to be slipping off day by day.  Thanks to God's saving grace, I was caught before I managed to tilt all the way off the cliff.  I'm going to be straight forward with you guys; during this time my health was horrible, physically and mentally.  I was in counseling trying to pick up the pieces of my shattered life and make some sense of them somehow.  For anyone that knows me personally, my hair is the embodiment of who I am at the core: bold, daring, creative. Don't get this mistaken for vanity, this is totally different.  My hair is an outward expression of who I am as a person and as an artist.  So of course I was rather when I realized that my hair was withering away.  The once full head of hair was now wispy and see-through in some areas.  I tried different treatments to bring it back, but nothing worked for real.  Everything came to a head on July 11th when I looked myself in the mirror and asked "What the hell are you doing?  What are you holding on to?  If it's not working, leave it alone!  Do away with it!!"  Later that afternoon, I walked into my stylist's shop (who had not seen me in almost 6 months) and the first thing she said was "What happened to you?"  Marquitta sat me down in her chair and talked with me about everything I had been experiencing up to that point.  We then discussed ways of salvaging what was left.  What she said next was very affirming; "We could do a rod set to make it look fuller, but that would not be you.  When I think of Fayth Hope, I think of natural and earthy."  And I agreed.  We both decided that it was best for me to start with a clean slate.  By the way, my son was there the whole time.  When Marquitta put that cape around me and prepared to cut my hair, Christopher came up to me, put his hand on arm and said "You'll be okay mommy.  Just sit back and relax."  I was floored!!  Damn near cried!!!  I mean, he was off playing while Marquitta and I were talking, thus unaware of the situation or discussion.  Not to mention the lengths that I went through to conceal/protect him from the ordeal I was experiencing.  So how did he know what to say?!  Still baffles me.  I guess my baby is intuitive like his mama lol.  Anyhow, the clippers were turned on and all the days, months, and years of distress started to fall by the wayside, literally.  When we were finished, Marquitta smiled at her work, and so did I.  I felt so renewed, refreshed, rejuvenated.

People, when you are not moving forward like you wish to, you have to ask yourself what's holding you back.  Is it YOU that's holding you back?  Are you holding on to fear?  Grief?  Anger and disappointment?  Those things weigh heavily and will stunt your growth on your appointed journey.  There will come a time where you will have to let go of the things that are dragging you down.  My hair was the personification of my own struggle with holding on to shit that's not worth being kept.  That meant the shedding of old habits, old attitudes, old memories, old "friends" (yes, that's in quotations for a reason).  The more familiar and comfortable we are with these old scripts, the harder it is to let go.  But once holding on becomes more of a hinderance than a help, that means it's definitely time to do some pruning.  Just had a thought; my very first post on this website was entitled "Pruning Leads to Blooming".  Funny how the Spirit works huh?

Jewelry & Styling: Rachel Stewart
Make-Up: Sharon Davis

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Obviously, as you can tell from my absence, I've been truly grinding my butt off.  With the release of "Out Of Obscurity, Pt. 1" and other endeavors I have embarked upon (not to mention holding down the family and the day job), my hands have been more than full.  But it's a good problem to have.  Because you know what that means?!  PROGRESS!!  So let me go ahead and fill you in.

Some of you may have seen my Facebook and Twitter ramblings about SOULTOPIA.  Sooo, what is SOULTOPIA you ask?  Long story short, I have created and organized an event series here in Augusta.  A jam session...the "Ultimate Jam Session Experience" as I have dubbed it.  My music director/big brother from another mother (Brian "Bassman" Herrington) and I put our heads together in an effort to bring forth sounds that have never been heard before in an Augusta venue.  We wanted people to fall in love with the music and artists that we have fallen in love with (yes I ended the sentence with a preposition; but this is my website and I have license to do such things; carry on...).  Through the gifted hands of Bassman and his squad, The Truth AKA The Abstract&Unorthodox Experiment (cool name huh?), we offered event goers what they now know as THE SOULTOPIA SOUND---a fusion of soul, hip hop, funk, and jazz.  Please take a look at the event highlights to see how me and my artsy friends throw down in James Brown Town USA!

Stay tuned as we are in the process of planning more dates for SOULTOPIA.  Interested in becoming an event sponsor?!  Hit us up at  And yes, this means that Fayth Hope is armed with a band now...finally.  My prayers have been answered, wheeew!

P.S.  This website is in need of a facelift.  Don't you think? ;^)

Monday, April 2, 2012

March Madness Recap!! (and no, not basketball)

My oh my!!!  So much has occurred since I last spoke with you guys!!  First and foremost, my album preview party was a HUGE SUCCESS.  The audience even had the chance to pick out the next single, so be on the watch for that.  By the way, I have footage below of the party.  Have a look and then subscribe to my new YouTube channel, FaythHopeTV, while you're at it.  Second, my current single, "Love Didn't Mean A Thing" (after going from #5 to #3 to #2) made it to #1 on The Morpheus Soul Show Top 5 Countdown!!!  Much love to Temporary Residents and everyone who voted for me.  Click to HERE listen and download the show!

Third...I release my album, "Out Of Obscurity, Pt. I: From The Darkness..." on April 3rd (yep, tomorrow lol) through my website!!!  Just go the "Buy Music!" tab and click on the method through which you'd like to purchase, i.e. Bandcamp, iTunes,, AmazonMP3.  Here's the mixtape sampler for the album to wet your appetite!

It's been such a long time coming.  Can't believe that this leg of the journey is almost complete!!  No worries, I don't see myself getting complacent any time soon; there's so much more left for me to do and experience!  But until then, I'll kick my feet up and enjoy the moment.  Talk to you tomorrow...Lord willin' the creek don't rise lol ;-)

DON'T FORGET TO WATCH "Out Of Obscurity, Ep. 3: Album Preview Party" and catch up on the other episodes and vids you haven't seen!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'm in the Top 5 Baby!!

Good morning, afternoon, or night...where ever you are!  I am so proud to tell you that 1) I have a new song out entitled "Love Didn't Mean A Thing", 2) it was picked up by The Morpheus Soul Show in London, 3) is on the show's Top 5 Countdown and has been for two weeks, and 4) jumped two places up to #3, right behind one of my favs, Robert Glasper!!!!  Click the players below to hear the March 3rd installment of The Morpheus Soul Show and "Love Didn't Mean A Thing".  More goodies are coming out the kitchen...hold tight!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fayth Hope on VIMEO!!

What's good Fam?!  I've reached into my goodie bag and pulled out a special treat for you!  I am now chronicling the release of my album through video (cue the cheering Muppets)!  Below, you'll find the first installment of my video series "Out Of Obscurity", directed and filmed by Armard Andrews of Vidipop Video Design House.  In Episode 1, I share intimate details on how/why I launched a singing career, what drives me to create, and the album and its release.  Stay tuned, there are more episodes to come!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weebles Wobble, But They Don't Fall Down!

After the umpteenth request from one of my students, I am sending you guys an update thats long overdue.  Yeah I know, I gotta do better lol.  Anyhow, last time you were here I was preparing for Cola-Con...which turned out to be a huge success!!!  If you didn't go, shame on YOU because you missed one helluva show.  At that last minute, Talib Kweli decided to emcee and to add to that, 9th Wonder (who was originally there to support his artist Rapsody) ended up djaying the improptu set.  WHAT?!  As for my performance, it was...let's just say it was a true testament of my fortitude.  I'm gonna be very transparent and let you know what happened.  Chances are, you're gonna laugh you're ass off.  But that's okay, I invite it, because I laughed at myself too.

As you know, I performed on the all-female artist stage at the Cola Crawl (the multi-venue after party of Cola-Con).  I had just changed into my stage clothes and was preparing to zone myself out as I always do prior to performing.  The sun had already set and the people were walking the streets to all of the different venues.  While strutting in my gold, platform Jessica Simpson slingback shoes, with my multi-colored clutch in one hand and a cup of Red Bull in the other, I felt a piece of the ground drop from under my left foot.  My ankle caved inward, I fell hard on my knees, and somehow ended up flat on my back...on the asphalt...looking upward at the Columbia night sky...Red Bull still in hand.  The adrenaline kicked in and I was out of breath as my ankle throbbed and ached.  Then I panicked, because I remember seeing 9th Wonder and some of my Sounds Familiar cohorts close by (they were inside the Columbia Museum of Art in a room adjacent to the sidewalk near where I took the plunge.  'So what' you say?  The room had a huge glass window facing the street.  Now you understand?).  So by now I'm thinking, "9th Wonder and Preach and Open Mike and everyone out here just saw me bust my ass!"  Needless to say, I was mortified.  But I took a quick peek into the room and saw they were still carrying on with their conversation.  I was safe, whew!  To add insult to injury, a museum employee came up to me while I was still laying on the ground, asking me if I was alright and if I needed an ambulance.  In adamant protest I said, "No!  I have to perform in a few minutes!  I CAN'T LEAVE!!"  Then he had the nerve to accuse me of having too much to drink when he saw my cup.  I yelled, "I'M NOT DRUNK!!  THIS IS RED BULL!!".  He tried to help me up, but I told him I still needed a moment to get myself together.  I paused and then I said to him, "Sir, I have a question for you."  I held up my left foot for him to see.  "Is my shoe broken?"  Yes, I know.  After all of that, I was more concerned about my gold, platform, Jessica Simpson slingbacks (my babies were okay though lol).  I finally got up and I saw a friend of mine across the street and I screamed out to her what had just happened.  Actually, it sounded more like this, "Hey!  I just busted my ass!"  She came to the rescue and the museum employee got some ice for my ankle.  After dusting myself off (I had not one spot of dirt on me by the way), I limped over to the venue where I was performing, ice in hand, and sat and waited for my turn to get on stage.  And just as I imagined, everything worked out.  Once I got my bearings on stage, I was good to go!  No one could tell that I had a sprained ankle.  I had to do what I had to do.  Like they say, one monkey (nor a busted ankle) don't stop no show!

Yes, I may have fallen down, but I wasn't down for the count.  I got right back up.  So in the grand scheme of things, it was only a wobble.  There have been many setbacks and upsets on my musical journey.  That's the nature of the beast.  But I don't let the misfortunes deter me from what I'm seeking to accomplish.  Forward movement is a necessity.  You gotta summon your inner Weeble if you want to get somewhere in life.  Because, say it with me, Weebles Wobble, But They Don't Fall Down!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Just Breathe...

Greetings!!!  Finally, I have a breather, jeez!!!  I miss writing and vibing with you!  BUT, lots of changes and shake ups have gone down...good ones though.  For starters, I have a sweet 9 to 5 as the counselor for the Upward Bound program at Augusta's Paine College (Fayth luvs da kids!).  Secondly, I did some stewing and pondering on the direction of the album and decided to dig a little deeper (in my soul AND my pockets, lol) to give you guys a truer depiction of myself as an artist and connoisseur of music.  Sooo, I have enlisted the soulphonic forces of my lablemates, The Secret B-Sides, to bring things on home for the album.  I know I've made you wait for too long, but trust'll understand once the record is playing through your speakers ;o)  Oh yeah, click HERE to check out The Secret B-Sides' latest album Flowers & Chocolate.  "S.O.L.", "Date", "Liberate", and "Franky Flowers" are my favs.  Do your ears some good and go check the fellas out.  I'm serious...don't wanna have to come put an afrolicious smack-down on that ass LOL!

Some of you may have seen me ranting and raving on Facebook and Twitter about Cola-Con.  If you haven't, you've been in a coma or something, just kidding.  Long story short, "Cola-Con is where hip-hop music and comic book culture intersect. The one day event will be held at the Columbia Museum of Art and be an event of comic book artists, vendors, visual artists, lectures, panels and music.  Headlined by Talib Kweli (as a special guest DJ) along with some of the best hip-hop and alternative artists in the southeast, the event is a one of a kind experience compared to other comic related functions" (taken from the Cola-Con website).  I will be performing on the Cola Crawl, a series of shows that will take place up and down Main Street in downtown Columbia at venues from The Whig to the White Mule to the Tapp’s Arts Center.  Some of the artists scheduled to appear are myself, Rapsody from 9th Wonder's Jamla Records, and other hip-hop and soul artists from the Southeast region.  As you see, a LOT has been going on.  By the way, I willl be debuting a new song at the Cola Crawl.  The next time that anyone will be able to hear it is upon the release of the album.  So if you wanna have a listen before anyone else does, you need to be there ;o) 

RIGHT NOW!--head over to and purchase your Cola-Con tickets.  When else are you gonna see Talib Kweli, Sanford Greene (graphic illustrator of the Spiderman comics; yep, for real), Speech from Arrested Development, and producer Supahot Beats (Eminem) under one roof along with dozens of other art and music officianados?  Well okay then...get moving already!

***For in depth interviews and scheduling info for Cola-Con, click HERE***