Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Just Breathe...

Greetings!!!  Finally, I have a breather, jeez!!!  I miss writing and vibing with you!  BUT, lots of changes and shake ups have gone down...good ones though.  For starters, I have a sweet 9 to 5 as the counselor for the Upward Bound program at Augusta's Paine College (Fayth luvs da kids!).  Secondly, I did some stewing and pondering on the direction of the album and decided to dig a little deeper (in my soul AND my pockets, lol) to give you guys a truer depiction of myself as an artist and connoisseur of music.  Sooo, I have enlisted the soulphonic forces of my lablemates, The Secret B-Sides, to bring things on home for the album.  I know I've made you wait for too long, but trust'll understand once the record is playing through your speakers ;o)  Oh yeah, click HERE to check out The Secret B-Sides' latest album Flowers & Chocolate.  "S.O.L.", "Date", "Liberate", and "Franky Flowers" are my favs.  Do your ears some good and go check the fellas out.  I'm serious...don't wanna have to come put an afrolicious smack-down on that ass LOL!

Some of you may have seen me ranting and raving on Facebook and Twitter about Cola-Con.  If you haven't, you've been in a coma or something, just kidding.  Long story short, "Cola-Con is where hip-hop music and comic book culture intersect. The one day event will be held at the Columbia Museum of Art and be an event of comic book artists, vendors, visual artists, lectures, panels and music.  Headlined by Talib Kweli (as a special guest DJ) along with some of the best hip-hop and alternative artists in the southeast, the event is a one of a kind experience compared to other comic related functions" (taken from the Cola-Con website).  I will be performing on the Cola Crawl, a series of shows that will take place up and down Main Street in downtown Columbia at venues from The Whig to the White Mule to the Tapp’s Arts Center.  Some of the artists scheduled to appear are myself, Rapsody from 9th Wonder's Jamla Records, and other hip-hop and soul artists from the Southeast region.  As you see, a LOT has been going on.  By the way, I willl be debuting a new song at the Cola Crawl.  The next time that anyone will be able to hear it is upon the release of the album.  So if you wanna have a listen before anyone else does, you need to be there ;o) 

RIGHT NOW!--head over to and purchase your Cola-Con tickets.  When else are you gonna see Talib Kweli, Sanford Greene (graphic illustrator of the Spiderman comics; yep, for real), Speech from Arrested Development, and producer Supahot Beats (Eminem) under one roof along with dozens of other art and music officianados?  Well okay then...get moving already!

***For in depth interviews and scheduling info for Cola-Con, click HERE***

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