Monday, April 2, 2012

March Madness Recap!! (and no, not basketball)

My oh my!!!  So much has occurred since I last spoke with you guys!!  First and foremost, my album preview party was a HUGE SUCCESS.  The audience even had the chance to pick out the next single, so be on the watch for that.  By the way, I have footage below of the party.  Have a look and then subscribe to my new YouTube channel, FaythHopeTV, while you're at it.  Second, my current single, "Love Didn't Mean A Thing" (after going from #5 to #3 to #2) made it to #1 on The Morpheus Soul Show Top 5 Countdown!!!  Much love to Temporary Residents and everyone who voted for me.  Click to HERE listen and download the show!

Third...I release my album, "Out Of Obscurity, Pt. I: From The Darkness..." on April 3rd (yep, tomorrow lol) through my website!!!  Just go the "Buy Music!" tab and click on the method through which you'd like to purchase, i.e. Bandcamp, iTunes,, AmazonMP3.  Here's the mixtape sampler for the album to wet your appetite!

It's been such a long time coming.  Can't believe that this leg of the journey is almost complete!!  No worries, I don't see myself getting complacent any time soon; there's so much more left for me to do and experience!  But until then, I'll kick my feet up and enjoy the moment.  Talk to you tomorrow...Lord willin' the creek don't rise lol ;-)

DON'T FORGET TO WATCH "Out Of Obscurity, Ep. 3: Album Preview Party" and catch up on the other episodes and vids you haven't seen!

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  1. This is wonderful! I'm so proud of you ms. hope! Got her UB swagg going on!