Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Obviously, as you can tell from my absence, I've been truly grinding my butt off.  With the release of "Out Of Obscurity, Pt. 1" and other endeavors I have embarked upon (not to mention holding down the family and the day job), my hands have been more than full.  But it's a good problem to have.  Because you know what that means?!  PROGRESS!!  So let me go ahead and fill you in.

Some of you may have seen my Facebook and Twitter ramblings about SOULTOPIA.  Sooo, what is SOULTOPIA you ask?  Long story short, I have created and organized an event series here in Augusta.  A jam session...the "Ultimate Jam Session Experience" as I have dubbed it.  My music director/big brother from another mother (Brian "Bassman" Herrington) and I put our heads together in an effort to bring forth sounds that have never been heard before in an Augusta venue.  We wanted people to fall in love with the music and artists that we have fallen in love with (yes I ended the sentence with a preposition; but this is my website and I have license to do such things; carry on...).  Through the gifted hands of Bassman and his squad, The Truth AKA The Abstract&Unorthodox Experiment (cool name huh?), we offered event goers what they now know as THE SOULTOPIA SOUND---a fusion of soul, hip hop, funk, and jazz.  Please take a look at the event highlights to see how me and my artsy friends throw down in James Brown Town USA!

Stay tuned as we are in the process of planning more dates for SOULTOPIA.  Interested in becoming an event sponsor?!  Hit us up at  And yes, this means that Fayth Hope is armed with a band now...finally.  My prayers have been answered, wheeew!

P.S.  This website is in need of a facelift.  Don't you think? ;^)

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